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Monday, May 10, 2010

Schleese Saddle Fitting

After waiting what seemed like forever, the Schleese saddle fitter Natalie finally made it out to the farm to see Fire and my two saddles. It was a wonderful experience and she was very friendly and actually early! Since Fire is young, she took extra time to get to know him and moved very slowly with her instruments as not to scare him while doing her measurements.

As she was going over his measurements she kept exclaiming what a "big boy" he was. I think she was saying it because he is pretty tall at 16'3'', but also quite round as well. Yes, Fire could use to lose a few pounds, but couldn't we all? I think he's stuck too because he's got a big huge white tummy too. It is an uphill battle for the boy! (yes, I know, I make excuses). Not that I haven't already posted photos of him, but for reference, here is a good photo below showing Fire's back and size:

So, he's got a short back and a large shoulder. The current saddle I'm using is a Schleese Wave. And because I am super lucky, the fitter told me that I picked the perfect saddle for him. That since he has a short back and the large shoulder, the Wave was a perfect choice. My other saddle, the Schleese CHB, is not a good choice because the panel on the saddle comes all the way down and it would block the horse's shoulder movement. Also, the gullets are not wide enough for Fire's back, and it would fit a horse that would be more of a TB style, or older style Warmblood.

So, after all of the measuring she explained that Fire happens to be "left" hooved. And that is why his mane falls to the left mostly and why it is his dominate lead in the canter. He is also more developed on that side of his back, though his back is very strong. Since he is young she was not worried, but then reflocked his saddle accordingly.

It was then time to get on and ride. I rode both ways all gaits. The fitter had me get off twice and adjusted the flocking in the saddle two times to make sure things were just right with the horse. I could tell an instant difference in the way that he rode and the way that I could sit in the saddle. I could feel the "schwing" in his back from the first few trot steps and it was great from the get go, no stiffness like usual. Very impressive!

Finally I hopped off and we read the "dust pattern" left from the saddle. I learned about how the hair should fall and how to look for rubbing and where things should be and where they shouldn't be. All in all it was a very informative hours time that was well worth the money and time. I can't wait now to schedule a lesson to see how much I can imporve just by being able to have a better connection with the horse's back.

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  1. If you are looking to sell your CHB, let me know. I am looking. Thanks.