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Monday, May 3, 2010

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

I absolutely do not understand the barn ladies that get dressed up to ride... I mean fully dressed to ride, to just stand there and groom their horse and let them eat grass. Someone please explain to me why one needs to wear fullseat breeches to pick hooves. I mean, I do understand why wearing proper footwear in the barn is important. I cringe when I see toes at the barn because my own feet have been stomped on one too many times to even want my piggies to be free within 50 yards of an animal that weighs more than me anymore. Thank.You.Very.Much. Moving on, back to the barn ladies... please explain to me though why not just proper shoes or short boots, but NOOOO... tall proper boots. What are you doing woman?! This just confuses me. I'd say the only thing that is missing is the helmet, but of the literally handful of times that I've seen the barn lady full dress offenders ride, it has been sans helmets. And if you're wondering, its been two. Now, I do not LIVE at the barn, but two? I don't know if I would own breeches at that point.

I know that there are worse things about barn ladies. I have heard stories that have made my jaw drop to the ground. This dress up to groom thing just gets at me though and I've never been able to get it. Why put on all of that stuff if you KNOW you're not getting on? Someone? Anyone?

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