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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dunham Woods

Going here today for a tasting. I'm super excited! I'll bring along my camera and notebook and take some notes as to what we think about the food. This is the first time that Joe is going to this venue and I really really really hope that he likes it. I've been there a few times and I know that I like it and their organizer, Christina is a wonderful person who has already been more than helpful.
Its really a beautiful place! More photos to come, and hopefully some good return info on the food! I'll be so excited if I can secure an awesome venue this early. I feel like it'll make me feel a lot better knowing that I have to stop planning for a lot time while I'm studying for the stinky bar.


  1. How was the tasting?

    Did you visit Lamplight and why did Ryan scratch Tokyo?

  2. I am getting married here also in October, its strange how I came upon your blog. I googled Dunham Riding Club for pictures for my wedding blog, and along came this.

    Well congrats. I was glad too see your post on the food tasting. Can't wait till we get to do ours.