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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lamplight Equestiran Center re-does footing!

It hasn't been much of a secret that for many years now the footing at Lamplight Equestrian Center in Wayne, IL has left much to be desired. What use to be a warm up ring has gone back and forth from warm up to parking which has left the footing slippery at times, hard as a rock and considered dangerous to many.

This year LEC decided to begin to fix their footing and has re-done the "Grand Prix" arena. For those of you who are dressage riders, the Grand Prix area is usually the three rings that are in the same area of sand where there is grandstand seating on one side. This is by far where the worst footing was for showing currently in dressage shows.

Here is a link to a video of the renovations of the ring:

I myself am very glad that they have begun to fix some of the footing. I know many a rider that has scratched on days that it has started to rain because the footing becomes so dangerous and deep. To now know that Lamplight has fixed both the warm-up arena and the grand prix arena area is a great improvement for the facility. We all love when they add gazebos and nice little touches like the giant wet bar down by the boarding area, but this new footing was long over do and will make for a much more comfortable show season!

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