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Monday, April 19, 2010

When they make you smile

Sometimes, I have bad days. I feel like this happens to everyone, that I'm not that unique in this bit of information I'm sharing here. What might be unique is my coping strategy of dealing with the times when I get overly stressed out or things just don't seem to go my way. I find that taking some time out to go out to the barn, to share the time with a horse (Fire in particular) can be more healing than any prescription medication or therapist in a lounge chair. Maybe its the "wax on wax off' motion of currying and brushing the horse while getting ready? It's the rhythmic "woosh woosh" of the bristles flicking off the winter's leftovers or the smell of Showsheen on a freshly evened tail. I'm not even talking about the riding at this point. Riding is just its own world that can lift even the grim of spirits. Ever wonder why riding therapy works so well for handicapped people and disturbed children? There are no words to describe the inner zen that is felt when you can communicate with an animal to a point of actually thinking and feeling the same things without having to say something. Its really a remarkable experience. So, on those days when everything seems to be going south, I'm glad that I know that there is a 16'3 hand big man who, without a word, can make me smile.

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