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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Last Class...

Today I had what should effectively be my last class ever. No, this doesn't include any drivers classes I may have to take to get out of having too many points on my driver's licenses, thus driving up my insurance cost, or the classes I'll have to inevitably have to take as continuing education when (if??) I become a lawyer. It wasn't anything epic like I thought it would be. I didn't hear Vitamin C in my head, no, my memories were not playing in my head with no sound. I was sitting in the same second row seat I sat in every day listening to my professor try to cram more information into our heads that we didn't get the first time around just thinking about how I thought something epic should be happening.

There were no words of wisdom. The class did clap for us graduating third year students at the end of class, which was a nice note to end on. I'll take a mediocre applause.

So, like a nostalgic woman (because that's what I am... a nostalgic woman) I approached my eclectic professor, who ironically in one semester has become my favorite, and asked if we could take a shot together for posterity sake. That maybe I could find a photo of myself and my kindergarten teacher and put the photos together. Her reply? "Well, I hope I don't die."

Yup. Epic.

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