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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Rules from USEF

The USEF (United States Equestrian Foundation) enacted some new rules as pertaining to dress in the dressage ring. Among quite a few other interesting now acceptable choices in colors etc. that one can wear in the ring, it is now okay to have up to two logos on your jacket. Here is the exact wording:

Page 47 DR120 Dress. Chapter DR. Dressage Division Effective
12. When sponsorship is permitted in accordance with GR1306, the name and/or logo of the individual’s sponsor(s) may appear on each of the two sides of jackets or top garments at the height of breast pockets not exceeded 80 cm2 in size. Logos described under DR121.1 are also permitted as above.

This means that we can all now have sponsors prominently on our coats, which means we can all get someone to pay for our habits, and they can get some air-time for their logo on top a horse. This makes me want to think up the perfect sponsors. Not ones like Dressage Daily, or Smartpak. Those would be obvious. Ones like Durex, who can make a fun little play on words in their slogans. For example, "Sponsored by Durex, always riding well protected", or "Trojan, no need for the wood horse", the possibilities are endless. I'm sure it won't be long before it is like Nascar, where there will be logos everywhere we can put them and it will be forgotten that this was once a very prestigious and refined way of riding with lots of stout tradition. Pink shadbelly anyone? I'm sure Katie Price will be thrilled...

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