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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I love the postman

Every once in a while I get really bored and decide that I need to buy stuff. Recently I think that I was extra bored because I think I went a bit overboard. I just can't pass up a good deal! If I can find something that I don't have, or may use in the near future for a price well under what the object is worth, I find it hard to say no. This occurs especially when said things have something to do with horses.

I've got a few things now on their way to my house, which is where the postman comes in. Really, he's a wonderful guy. Not only does he re-route the things that end up at my old address (only a few blocks away) to where we live now, but he is ever ready for my dogs by carrying Milkbones in his pocket. This man is God to my dogs. I kid you not, he will stop me if he sees me walking them on the street to give them a bone. On my block the postman is not a threat to doggies. But I digress away from what really matters here.... what showed up at my door!

This is my newest item. It came in a box with a cord to charge it, some grease and a little brush. The Woman I purchased it from even put a "thank you" note in with the item! "No... THANK YOU!" is what I wanted to say. You see, these clippers are about $75 new in the store. These ones don't seem to be any worse for wear, and are sharp (maybe pictures soon of them in action) and cost me a mere $25. They are Wahl brand, and my favorite-ist color: purple.

So, thank you Mr. Postman with the Milkbones in his pocket, and lady who no longer had a use for the spiffy purple cordless Wahl clippers. I'm sure Fire will learn to love them (he's a bit scared OUT of his MIND of clippers now).

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