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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another new item!

Bling bling!!!

I ended up finding this AWESOME bridle for a steal... brand new Kieffer bridle for only $100! Its got a wonderful padded crank noseband, and a pretty crystal browband that is also padded. I brought it to the barn yesterday and tried it on Fire and it looked great on him. Lucky he's so manly looking, the rhinestones didn't make him look girly in the least. The bridle came with two pairs of reins as well, one pair of Kieffer web reins and one pair of thin leather reins. I rode with the webbed reins and though I'm not the biggest fan and I like my rubber ones better, I think they will make a great backup rein option, and are very nice.

I think that this deal is up there with the Schleese Wave saddle I got last last year in the "deals" area. I may be running out of luck with my ability to find these amazing deals! It is all so much fun to do. I just hope that I don't run out of money!

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