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Friday, April 30, 2010


It occurred to me that I hadn't written in a few days and should. I'm currently in law school hell which translates effectively into the wonderful time of finals. Its not like normal finals for other students where it lasts one week and is over and is just a portion of your grade, oh no. Law school finals is every single subject, tested in three hour chunks, somewhere spanning in a three week time on ever single little ounce of everything you learned over the last semester, and its you're only grade. Yup, the only thing you receive in the class comes from the blindly graded essay(s) that are written in those sweat filled three hours. Its ridiculous. Oh... and I'm sick. Like, a bad sick with a fever and sweating and everything. Just what I need right now. So now here I sit cuddling with the cats. See above.

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