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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This is where I'd like to get married...

This is Dunham Woods Riding Club in Wayne, Illinois. Not very many people get married here, and I don't know why. Maybe its because it is so out of the way? Or because they don't do any advertising for it. Whatever the fact, I'm glad that I found it because I love it. Its got a lot of really nice charming features that are country "chic" and classic. All of the paintings are old horse paintings beautifully done, and there are marble inlays everywhere original from when the building was built. The dining room has floor to ceiling windows where you can see the bright red barns and the jump course. Its truly beautiful. Now I'll just have to convince Joe to commit, this shouldn't be the hard "one" right???

This is the dining room from the far side. The chandeliers are beautiful and we can hang some things from the ceiling as well. We talked to the coordinator and she assured us that we would be able to fit all of our guests in the room at the round tables, and I was excited because I've always liked the look for the formal round tables. And look at those beautiful big windows!!!

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