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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bar Study/Workout

I'm determined to not only pass the Illinois Bar this summer, but to also look good doing it. I'm starting my study course in earnest on Thursday and tha'ts when I'll start my workout schedule as well. I'm doing the workout so I don't waste away into a fat blob from sitting around studying so much, and also because I'm planning on getting married in about a year and I need to start to think about getting in shape from all these Law School years of neglect.

When I look at photos of myself from my first year of Law School and now, there is a HUGE difference, HUGE. I think that needs to be rectified and shouldn't be too difficult with a good schedule. I'm going to include biking, riding the horse and going to the gym (of which a membership I still need to get, whoops.) I still have 24 hours to get it together, right? We all know I'm a better procrastinator than I am anything else anyway.

I'll start by getting up off of the computer now and getting to a few chores that were put off in the house over the long graduation weekend.

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