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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

good thing I had on my good breeches today

Though I didn't get launched into oblivion, it felt like I was going to today. I decided that I was going to ride Fire outside today... after not riding since Sunday and him not going out all week. So, we were off to a good start already. I thought he would just be a little spirited at first and then be able to get down to business. That's if there weren't two horses turned out about 20 yards away tearing ass around in circles in the turnout.

Oh it was ON.

We snorted and farted (okay... he farted) and squeeked and most importantly LAUNCHED in many different directions. I stayed on, thanks to my great Pikeur leather fullseats and 20 years of previous training. I was able to get him back on track every time and get him to push through the areas where he was deciding to spook and go back into whatever exercise and gait we were attempting before the mini explosions, but MAN was that a workout for my core muscles! At one point the barn owner so us go by so fast outside she thought she just saw Fire, sans me and came running. Oh I was there... I was just a blur in the wind sticking like glue to the horse's back. Yeeehhhh haw (?)

All in all I think it was a good experience. He was alone and there were other horses doing other things that he couldn't participate in... which is just too bad. I just can't imagine what wonders await us at our first show. Maybe I should get myself a football helmet and some more insurance... or maybe just some more great breeches and a prayer.

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